Opening words

Kultur 5 is an ongoing project exploring, documenting, and defining the space in between. Initiated by Jonatan Härngren.

Conversations on the cliffs is Kultur 5’s first project. It’s a series of jewelry for both men and women based on an upbringing in the Swedish archipelago. It’s telling the story of youthful freedom, fragility, diversity, rough music, and deep conversations on the rocky cliffs in front of the open ocean. Jewelry became the natural medium because of its inherent rawness and disproportionate ability to project personality, identity and background.

Flower Shop

Flower Shop


Flowers beguile us. Flamboyantly they spread their splendor, mocking
the mundane and ordinary. But it’s the scent that stays with us, reviving long lost moments of days past; fleeing memories that suddenly take shape. A translucent essence that surrounds us, penetrate every nook and cranny of our existence.

By offering the entire collection in collaboration with flower shops spread across selected cities in Europe – and making it possible to try out all the models and sizes behind the counter before ordering on – we have the opportunity to explore new ways to be discovered. And at the same time meet the sustainable strategy behind the idea; to stock fewer products and to a greater extent offer made to order accessories.

Stockholm is the first city to offer this new concept, but it will soon be available in London and Copenhagen with other cities to follow.

K / 5 / 1 11 / 2019

K / 5 / 1
K / 5 / 1


7 people from different backgrounds coming together to explore the interrelation and coexistence of different objects and ideas. Practicing the same techniques as was made during the collection process. Constructing a symbol of the collection subject.


Each individual enters the room guided by their own reality. By mutual respect and through discussion, new realities come into play. Infused with small, fragile ideas, and equipped with metal, wood, stone and textiles they construct something very rigid — woven together by a sense of collective direction. A temporary relic of their brief interaction.

11 / 2019 Installation

11 / 2019


Steel Steel


Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, and sometimes other elements.

The packaging for our first series of jewelry is crafted in aluminum. The main idea behind the packaging was to create something that can truly live on and be practical in itself. The aluminum case has the exact proportions to hold a large Solstickan Matchbox, which is an everyday product that’s deeply rooted in Swedish culture. After opening the case and retrieving the jewelry, the case can thus be put to use both practically and decoratively. The case was created by laser cutting raw aluminum pipes.


Pine Pine


A wooden tray rests within the aluminum case holding the jewelry.

Pine is easy to sculpt into different shapes and very durable in nature, as pine trees are known to live up to 1,000 years. The aluminum and pine create an interesting composition – two diametrically different types of materials creating a harmonious bond. The pine trays are also used to showcase the jewelry in-store, and can similarly be used to hold the jewelry on a nightstand.


Stone Stone


Stones found along the shores of the Swedish archipelago became a central piece of inspiration for the first series of jewelry.

Small fragments of metamorphic rocks such as granite and gneiss. Each one unique, organically derived through pressure and time.

/ 1

/ 1

/ 2

/ 2

/ 3

/ 3

Defining Kultur 5

Design freed from any conception of what’s trending.
Inspiration found in the simplest of things.
Objects that tell a story.
Objects that evoke a feeling, a memory.

Craftsmanship throughout.
Ethically sourced materials, meticulously processed into final form.
Long lasting.

Diversity at the center of every notion.
Progression from patience and understanding.
Belief in the collective.

Experimentation as a research method.
Never ending experimentation.

Finding beauty in the unpolished.
Finding tranquility in constructing.